Planning a Picnic with Ideas
for Every Occasion

A Family Picnic

Are you thinking of planning a picnic?

  • If you want to spend your days off in the great outdoors.
  • If you love good food but don’t want to pay restaurant prices.
  • If you don’t want to queue for takeaways when you could be enjoying the sunshine.

Then great picnic ideas is the place for you.

Wondering what to do with the kids for a holiday outing.
Start planning a picnic.
Want to spend the day at the beach on a hot summer day
Take a beach picnic.

Thinking of a something different for a birthday party
A birthday picnic is the cheap and easy way.

Looking for an easy way to entertain
Whether it’s a crowd or just for two of a picnic could be the answer.
Wondering how to make your wedding a bit different
You’ve got it.....Plan a picnic!

Casual Picnics

There are easy picnic food ideas for casual picnics.

Keep a bag of picnic necessities packed and ready to go.

Grab some cake from the cupboard, a bottle of cool drink or hot water in a thermos, milk and your picnic bag. There are some ideas for picnic drinks to take on this site.

Stop on your way to buy a barbeque chicken or cold meat, some made-up salads, antipasto and some crusty bread and you are off. Delicatessens and supermarkets have lots of ideas for picnic menus.

Planned Picnics

If you are thinking of going on a picnic day out or holding a picnic to celebrate a special event you will need to plan ahead to make the day a success.

Make sure it's a special day for everyone by planning great food and entertainment. There are plenty of ideas on this site to help you make your picnic perfect.

Picnic days out with friends and family can be really relaxed but more formal events need more organisation.

There are tips here to help you have a great picnic and make it a day everyone can enjoy. Including You!

Birthdays,weddings and community picnics can all be held out of doors. A picnic makes entertaining easy. There will be lots of space for everyone at a picnic site.

Add the advantages of less mess and easy clean up and your entertaining worries are over.

So if you usually settle for a soggy sandwich with a warm coke let's get down to the nitty gritty of planning a perfect picnic.

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