About Me, the Picnic Planner
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Hi! My name is Sarah. This page will tell you a bit about me, The Picnic Planner, and how I came to build a web page with SBI.

I have built great-picnic-ideas.com using SBI to help everyone plan a perfect picnic for any occasion from kid’s days out and trips to the beach to romantic, gourmet and wedding picnics.  I hope you will discover how and what to pack for a picnic, how to stay safe on a picnic, where to go and what to do on a day out.

I grew up in England where picnics are very popular even though the weather isn’t really at all suitable. I guess it’s because everyone grabs the chance to be outside whenever they can.

I Have Always Loved Picnics

When I was a little girl my Grandmother used to take us for a picnic tea by the local stream and it seemed like heaven to me.

When I was young money was always tight. Food was rationed. If we went out for the day we took a picnic. 

  • Hot summers at the beach.
  • Trips into the countryside picking blackberries.

  •  Warm autumn days in the hills scuffing up the dead leaves.
  •  Winter bonfires drinking soup or hot chocolate from steaming mugs.

Our food went with us packed in brown paper bags with drinks in a thermos.  We battled wind, rain and cold but we were out and about in the fresh air in some beautiful areas.

Picnics have definitely been part of my happiest childhood memories.

Growing Up

Once I started work I had a chance to travel throughout Europe. Everyday lunch was a crusty loaf with cold meat, cheese and antipasto washed down with wine and followed by local fruit.

A simple but yummy picnic.

Coming to Australia

Like many young people I heard that it was possible to travel to Australia for only 10 pounds if you were prepared to stay for 2 years.

I came by boat. I thought this would be the perfect chance to see a bit of the world and have a holiday at the same time.

When I came to Australia the weather was perfect for picnics. Instead of cold and rain we were worried about getting too hot!

I lived by the beach and went on frequent days out to beautiful parks, gardens and the nearby bush. I could really enjoy picnics outside at any time of year.

For 18 months I worked hard in Australia with the idea of traveling around the country and then returning home. Then, like many other young girls, I met an Australian boy who would become my husband. We travelled Australia together but eventually settled down to raise 3 boys.

Raising a Family

We took our children for lunches in the park, on fishing trips and to various events. We organised community picnics for playgroups and school as well as the families of friends and neighbours. The children had birthday parties at local picnic areas.

I found that a bit of planning made the picnic more enjoyable for everyone. We didn’t forget things we wanted to take and we visited some new and exciting places we wouldn’t have visited if we hadn’t had a picnic with us.

Now our children have left home with children of their own and we have a bigger family to entertain. We only have a small house, the kids get bored and the adults stressed. Taking everyone on a picnic where they have plenty of room to run around, play games and meet others seems like a good option. They don’t make a mess in the house and can still eat good, home cooked food. 

When we are out and about as a couple we can go to festivals, outdoor cinemas, local shows or the races and take a picnic. We take great food and don’t have to queue for takeaways.

Even though I am getting older and have to take a folding chair instead of a picnic rug I still love eating in the open air where everything tastes so much better. I am sure to plan a picnic to take wherever we go.

Starting SBI

Since getting married I always worked closely with my husband who was self-employed.

Running a small business is a very stressful and time consuming way of life.  As a mother of three boys and a working partner I have not had much chance to have time of my own and forgot a lot about me as a person.

Now with my boys are grown men and my husband retired I have time to do something just for myself.  I had used the internet extensively to research information and had vague ideas of maybe starting a blog or even writing a web site.

 While I was researching travel for a trip around Australia I came across a really informative site that fascinated me. I explored it for a long time getting the first hand information that I needed.  I read how the site began and started to get an idea that maybe I could do something similar.

I found Solo Build It had helped to build the site so I investigated some more and found stories about other people who had built their own successful sites. Solo Build It did not offer fast money but a way to develop a real business slowly over time. There were none of those awful screaming get rich quick pages that really turn me off.

This really interested me and sounded like something I could do for myself at home. I thought about it for ages, being a real procrastinator.

I would have to spend money and was doubtful if I would be able to build my own web site. I had used computers of course but had no idea about programing, what HTML was or the meaning of any of the technical mumbo jumbo.

Eventually I bit the bullet and signed up. After all if it didn’t work out I could always get my money back after 3 months.

Since joining I have just learnt so much. How to build a web site is only half of it. I have found out what interests me. I didn’t know before. I had been so busy helping the family with their own lives I had forgotten to have a life of my own.

 I have worked slowly but surely through the Solo Build It Action Guide which leads you step by step through the very best way to write a web site and, just as importantly, how to get people to find it on the web and then to actually read what you have to say! I am probably the slowest person ever to follow Solo Build It but I am getting there. Solo Build It showed me exactly how to build a site that helped people enjoy picnics for themselves just like I have done all my life.

I don’t have to worry that I know very little about the technical side of the web all that is taken care of for me.  If I have any problems there is always someone to help. either the support team or on the forums. The forums are full of friendly people keen to share web building advice that has helped them.

Over the years I have learnt a lot about organising picnics so I have written this web site to help you have fun and really enjoy your meals out in the great outdoors.

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