How to Play Beach Cricket
at a Picnic

Playing Beach Cricket

Beach cricket is a good game to play with several other people at any picnic.

This game has become very professional and is played as an international sport. Top cricketers play it. Many people come to watch and it has formalised rules.

But at a picnic the game is still played in the age old way with a group of people just having fun.

Play in a backyard, in a park or on any picnic, even in the street. Just change the rules a bit to suit the surroundings.

Make up your own rules.
There is no umpire. The rules are enforced by agreement between the players. There are no teams. It’s everyone for themselves!

Beach Cricket Rules

Choose a smooth, flat piece of sand for the pitch.

The hard sand left when the tide goes out is ideal.
Find something to use as a wicket. Three pieces of driftwood stuck in the sand, a pile of clothes or a picnic bag. Almost anything will do.

Make a line in the sand at the bowlers end.

Bowl or throw the ball from here.
Use a tennis ball to try to hit the wicket.
Take it in turns to bat.
The batsman has to make runs between the wicket and the bowling line.
If the ball he has hit is caught while he is running he is out.
In this game no one is out on the first ball. Everyone gets a chance to have a good hit.
Once the wicket is hit or the ball caught the batsman is declared out and someone else takes over.
If the ball goes into the sea or out of bounds the batsman is out and the game stops while the ball is retrieved.

French Cricket

French Cricket is another game to play at picnics. It is even less formal. You don't need much room to play. There are no teams and each player plays for himself. Any one can join in from grandparents to toddlers and have great fun.

Find out how to play here.

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