Beach Games to Play
on a Picnic

Beach games are great fun on a picnic. They are ususally pretty casual affairs but some, like football and volley ball have become professional sports.

If you are on a picnic anyone can join in so they are a great way to make new friends.

There are no hard and fast rules. You can just make the rules up as you go along and change them to suit every time you play.

Playing games on the beach can make you very hot so be sure to drink plenty of water during and after playing.
Remember you are out in the bright sunshine so wear a hat, sunglasses and plenty of 30+ sunscreen.

Equipment You Might Need

There are lots of picnic games that you can play on the beach and you can play some games with no equipment at all.

Running races, hide and seek, and tag are easy games to play anywhere but a simple bat and ball will widen the scope of what you can play enormously. Take whatever equipment you like and have at home on your beach picnic.

Tennis rackets, cricket bats, tennis balls, big beach balls, golf sets, Frisbees and kites all come into their own on the beach. Don't forget buckets and spades to build race tracks, courses and mini golf areas.

For many games you need decent space. There is often plenty of that on the beach but be careful not to impose on another persons area especially if the beach is crowded. Not everyone on the beach will want to be part of your game.

Here are Some Beach Games to Try

Piggy in the Middle

You will need at least three people.
One person stands in the middle and everyone else stands around in a circle. Throw the ball to one another and try to keep it away from the piggy in the middle. Once the piggy in the middle gets the ball, the last person that touched it becomes the piggy.

Beach Cricket

Beach cricket is the classic game to play on a picnic. You need a bit of space to play so it is an ideal for the beach. You will need a few people to form cricket teams. There aren't many rules but you can find out how to play here.

French cricket is another version of cricket that is easy to organise and takes up very little space. Find the simple rules make it very easy to play french cricket here.

Play Frisbee at the Beach

Frisbee can be played in many different ways.

Find out how to throw and catch a Frisbee here. Then you will be ready to play some Frisbee games.
Try Frisbee football and frisbee golf.


There are some pretty fancy mini-golf courses around but on the beach you can build your own with rocks and sand. That's half the fun. Find out how to play beach mini-golf on your very own course here.

Use sports equipment that you have at home to play your favourite games on the beach.

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