How to Play Beach Mini Golf
at a Picnic

Playing Mini Golf

Why not build and play your own beach mini golf game on your picnic.

Many seaside towns have commercial mini golf courses. Some are simple but others have been built with a lot of care and imagination. There are fairy castles, wild animals, windmills and sometimes even water features for you to putt your golf ball up, down and around. Get to the end of the course with the fewest stokes to be the winner in you group.
These are fun and entertaining games to play with your friends.

But you can easily build your own. It may not have such a professional finish but it will be unique!

Build You Own Golf Course

If you are picnicking on a beach with plenty of sand its easy and fun build your own course exactly how you want it and play as many games as you like.

You will need a plastic golf club and ball, as well as buckets and spades. Of course you can use full size golf clubs if you have them. Other useful things to help make your beach mini golf course could be empty boxes, paper cups, pebbles, hoops, driftwood or any interesting object you find on the beach. You can even make a sand bridge for water to wash under.

Take some flags on sticks or make some out of seaweed.

Your course can be on any piece of beach. Dampish sand is best as it is easier to make and mold. Choose a flat piece of sand for an easy course or include a piece of the dunes for more of a challenge.

Make tunnels out of sand or cardboard boxes. Make fairways from lines of pebbles. If you ambitious build towers out of sand to hit the ball up. Dig round holes at the end of each fairway. Mark the holes with flags or seaweed if you like. You can make a few holes or a lot, depending on how energetic you are feelimg at the time.

Playing the Game

Once you have built your course decide in which order the holes should be played. Then take it in turns to hit your golf ball through the tunnels and hoops, along the fairways, up the towers and into the holes. Just like real mini golf. Keep a score for each hole if you like. Find out who can get around the course fastest.

Who will be the champion golfer of the day?

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