Plan a Beach Picnic
On a Hot Summers Day

A beach picnic is lots of fun for kids and adults.  Sun and sand will give kids plenty to do and the adults a chance to relax

A beach picnic is lots of fun for kids and adults.
Sun and sand will give kids plenty to do and the adults a chance to relax.

There are so many things to do at a picnic on the beach that it is a pity to have to leave to find something to eat.
There are queues at the beach kiosks and you don’t fancy the food.
Take your own picnic your worries are over.
Making some easy preparations beforehand lets everyone have fun while enjoying the good food, sun, sand and sea.

Beach Picnic Spots

Different types of beach are great for picnics.

  • Long, white sandy stretches reaching as far as the eye can see. Sun bake heaven.
  • Rocky coves and inlets. Always somewhere to shelter, hang your towels or make a picnic table.
  • Beaches with high cliffs. Look out over the sea at a romantic sunset.

Look out for beaches near you that would be an ideal picnic spot to hold the sort of picnic you like.

Beach Picnic Food Ideas

A picnic menu should be simple ready to eat food.
Everyone gets peckish in the open air.

Beach picnic recipes will help you make up a good satisfying meal.

Sandwiches will quickly fill an empty tummy. Here are some recipes for picnic sandwiches with interesting fillings

Picnic Snacks are always popular at a beach picnic.
Lots of activity in the sea and the sand make people extra hungry.

Don’t forget to take plenty of picnic drinks.
Use plastic bottles or tetra paks for picnic drinks at the beach.
Broken glass at the beach can get buried in the sand and cause serious cuts.
A thermos full of ice will be useful to add to drinks and make them icy cold.

Pack for the Beach Picnic

If you are packing a picnic for the beach there are some picnic accessories that can make the day much more enjoyable. Here is a reminder of some things to pack for a picnic.

The following items are especially important for the beach.

  • Cooler bags or boxes are best for packing a beach picnic. They will keep your food and drink cool in the hot sun.
  • Be particularly careful of food safety on the beach where the food is liable to get hot in the sun. Use sealed plastic boxes to carry your food. They will keep the food fresh and the sand out. They make food easy to serve. Just pop off the lid and your in business.
  • Be prepared for changeable weather. Even a calm day it is often windy on the beach and sometimes quite chilly so it pays to take a jumper or cardigan even on the hottest day.
  • A change of clothes is always useful especially if you are taking children who often get wet at the beach.
  • Sun hats protect your face from the sun and keep you cool. Have a look here at some of the beach hats that will look great as well as shading your head and eyes.
  • Sunglasses will help protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays and glare on the beach. Here are some tips for choosing the best sunglasses from the wide range around.
  • Flip flop sandals to protect your feet from the hot sand.
  • Of course don't forget swimwear and towels.

Shade on the Beach

You will need some shade on the beach.
Not only from the sun but from the light reflected off the sea and the sand.

Beach umbrellas come in many designs, shapes and sizes. Choose one in a bright design that is just right for you.

Shade Tents are another alternative. There are a wide range of tent-like shelters available that are very easy to erect and are more practical than an umbrella for a large group of people.

Beach Games

Plan to play some beach games while you are at your picnic.
A tennis ball is always a good standby to use in lots of different games.

Picnic games that are great for the beach where you have plenty of space to run around. Find out how to play cricket, frisbeee or bocce on the beach. Fly a kite or build your own mini golf course in the sand.

There are plenty of easy beach activities for kids.
Buckets and spades are classic beach equipment. Dig holes, build castles with moats. Imagination can run wild. But when they get tired of digging there are lots of other things to do.

  • Go beachcombing in rock pools. You never know what you will find.
  • Build towers of pebbles.
  • Hunt for treasure and bring back the spoils. All great fun.

Safety at the Beach

Safety at the beach is very important. There are people everywhere, children playing games or digging holes and adults lying in the sun.

Strong sunlight and un-fenced water can be dangerous. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun. Just follow these simple sun safety tips and learn how to swim safely at patrolled beaches.

Take your first-aid kit to the beach. Hopefully you will never need it but it is best to be prepared.

Be particularly careful if you take kids to the beach. They are adventurous and have no sense of danger. They can wander off and quickly get lost so keep and eye on them. Help them build sandcastle and join in their games so you are always nearby.

Plan a picnic on the beach and have a great day in the sand and the surf.

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