Beach Sun Safety Tips
for a Picnic

Sheltering from the Sun

It is very important to follow the beach sun safety tips when you are on the beach or in the water.

A picnic on the beach can be a great way to spend a hot summers day but the strong sun can be really dangerous.

Too much exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer.

The water and sand reflect the sun’s rays and increase the danger of sun damage to your skin.
Learn more about skin cancer and sun protection at the Cancer Council's web site.

Cloudy days can give you a false sense of security. UV rays can penetrate the clouds and cause sun burn.

Even the wind can burn.

Children have more sensitive skin than adults but both are susceptible to sunburn and skin damage that can cause serious skin cancers later in life.

Sun Safety on your Picnic

Set up your picnic in the shade.

If there is no shade where you will be picnicking take along a beach umbrella or better still a sun shelter or a sun safe play tent. These tents are not as likely to be effected by the wind and can provide a safe place for toddlers to play.
The sun is particularly strong between the hours of 10am and 3pm so try to stay out of the sun between these times in summer.

Best Sun Safety Advice

Slip on a tee shirt. Any shirt will help but some shirts and swimwear are specially designed to keep out UV rays.
Dress children in UV protection clothing which blocks out a higher percentage of UV rays than sunscreen alone.
Some come in attractive bright colours that look really cool as well as being highly visible on the beach.
Slop on waterproof sunscreen.Make sure the one you use is 30+ SFP rated.
Apply it half an hour before going to the beach, after every swim and reapply every 2 hours.
Slap on a hat. Sunhats are available in lots of different styles.
Get a one that shades your neck and ears.
Hats not only provide sun protection but also help to keep your whole body cool.

Slide on some sunglasses. Your eyes need sun protection too.
Buy good quality sunglasses preferably one with polaroid lenses that reduce glare.

Don't forget to protect your feet
Wear sandals or sandshoes on the beach.
Sand can get baking hot and burn the soles of your feet after only a couple of steps.

When You Arrive Home

Sometimes you will not feel burnt until you arrive home.

If you do get burnt have a cool shower and apply soothing aloe vera ointment.
Moisturizing creams help dry itchy skin. You can purchase after sun lotions from chemists.

Wear soft clothes until the pain subsides. If you are burnt the slightest touch can be very sore.

These remedies help but nothing is really effective except time!

Remember prevention is always far better than cure. Take every precaution in the sun to prevent skin cancer and ensure you have a happy picnic day.

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