Choose The Best Sunglasses
for a Picnic

The best sunglasses will protect your eyes anywhere you are out-of-doors in bright UV light.

Do you squint when you are out in the sun or even on a cloudy day outside.

Your eyes are recieving too much light, the iris is closed as far as possible and so you squint to compensate.  UV rays in sunlight can burn your eyes just as they burn your skin. Your cornea acts as a natural barrier but some rays still sneak through causing cateracts, macular degeneration and even cancers in latter life.

From the purely cosmetic point of view your squinting is causing wrinkles around your eyes which will become permanent over time and are very aging

So protecting  your eyes with the best sunglasses you can afford is really sensible. You will be safer and more comfortable at a picnic.

There are so many different designs in tints, lens material, quality, darkness, coatings let alone frames that the choice can be really bewildering. Of course choosing the right lens is essential but choosing frames is important too if you want to look your best.

There are sunglasses for all the family. Check out some of the best sunglasses at the links below.

Sunglasses for Men

Sunglasses for Women

Sunglasses for Kids

Expensive versus Cheap

You can spend anything from $20 or even $10 to hundreds for a pair of sunglasses. The question is are expensive, polarised sunglasses any better than that cheap pair from a market stall.

Are you just paying for a fancy name?

The best sunglasses can completely eliminate the ultraviolet rays that damage the cornea and retina of your eye. Polarised sunglasses will eliminate glare from bright, reflective surfaces such as water or sand making them the best sunglasses for fishing or a beach picnic.

Cheap sunglasses may look just like the expensive ones but the lenses made completely differently. The lenses are made of ordinary plastic with a thin tint coating on them. They will give you no protection from UV rays. While they block out some of the light they allow your iris  to open wider letting more UV rays reach your retina. This can cause more damage than not wearing sunglasses at all.

This site explains how sunglasses work in more detail.

Choosing Lenses For The Best Sunglasses

Sunglasses will get a lot of rough wear in the great outdoors. Glasses tend to get thrown in the bottom of your bag. They are exposed to sand, sea spray, gravel, mud, and of course the sun.   So they need to be tough and as scratch proof as possible.

  • Some lenses are made from glass which is scratch proof but is heavy to wear.
  •  Polycarbonate plastic combines the best of both worlds. It is tough but light weight and a popular material for lenses. These lenses are sometimes covered with a scratch resistant coating
  • Look for lenses that are distortion free and of optical quality. 
  • Think about where you will be wearing your sunglasses. If you will be in really bright situation polarised lenses reduce glare and allow you to see areas that would otherwise be hidden. They are especially useful for fishing or driving through the middle of the day
  • There are lenses that block out nearly all the light but if you are going to use your sunglasses for everyday life like driving or picnicing a lens that blocks 70% to 90% of UV light is the best to choose. 
  • If you wear prescription glasses you can also buy prescription sunglasses or use transition lenses which darken when exposed to sunlight. Just don't forget that when you take your glassses off you will won't be able to see clearly. Sometimes it is more convenient to wear contact lenses with non-prescription sunglasses.

Sunglasses are made with different tints on the lenses. Choose one that suits you best and compliments your skin tone.

  • Grey, amber and brown are good general tints for everyday use. Green tints are also very popular because they allow you to see in the greatest contrast.
  • Mirrored lenses are also popular especially for men.

Choosing The Frame For The Best Sunglasses

Popular frames are often a matter of fashion. Some famous brands follow the trends but others have their own distinct signature look.

  • Frames designed for presciption glasses can let light into the side of your eyes. Look for wrap-around frames or larger lenses for better protection.
  • Cheaper sunglasses often have plastic frames and simple screws to attach the arms.
  •  Better quality frames use a light-weight composite material or metal and springs at the joints which are stronger and allow the glasses to fold more easily.
  • Named brands are more expensive and you are paying for the name but you can buy really good quality sunglasses at a reasonable price in stores such as chemists or opticians.
  • Choose glasses that contrast with your face shape. Face shapes fall into four main catagories. Round, square, oval or triangular.
  • A good rule of thumb is to choose glasses that are the width of your cheek bones. Too wide and your face is overwhelmed too small and the glasses loose their impact.

Whether you want to look really cool, protect your eyes or just see clearly without eyestrain in the great outdoors spend some time to choose the best sunglasses for you.

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