Easy Beach Activities for Kids
on a Picnic

Playing in the Sand

Looking for some easy beach activities for kids on a beach picnic.
There are lots of fun beach activities with sand, sea and rocks to keep them busy for hours.

To have the most fun on the beach bring along a few toys.
Buckets and spades are useful for digging, building and water play.
If it’s a windy day bring a kite. If the children are a bit older bring boogie boards.

Don't forget a bat and ball to play some simple games..

Build a Sandcastle

Sandcastles make fun beach activities for kids. They love digging in the sand. Fill a bucket with damp sand and tip it out onto a flat piece of beach.
You have a simple turret.
When building a sandcastle use your imagination.
Make a bigger castle make several turrets. Join them with a wall.
Build a pile of sand inside the wall and put a turret on top to make a keep.
Make windows and doors from pebbles or shells.
Put a flag of seaweed in the top.
Dig a moat around the wall. Fill it with water. Dig a channel to the sea so that the water floods in. Eventually the sea will undermine the castle and you can dance around it while it collapses.

A Fairy Sand Castle

This sandcastle is is a bit fancy for most of us to make but its nice to dream.

If only our buckets and spades could one day turn out castles like this.

On an incoming tide dig a big hole at the water’s edge .Try to keep the tide out for as long as possible by building the walls ever higher. Or dig a channel so the water can rush into the hole and fill it even more quickly.

Make sand models from simple shapes. Use your imagination to build whales, turtles, fish or sharks. They don’t have to be too realistic!
Build a sandman with a big pile of sand for his body a smaller pile for his head. Pebbles for eyes and mouth. Sticks for arms and nose. Add more pebbles for buttons.
Dig a big car out of sand that you can sit in.
Bury your feet in sand and then wriggle them free.
Bury other people’s feet in sand.

Build with Pebbles

Pebble Tower

If you are picnicking on a pebbly beach. Make towers of pebbles.
Hold a competition to see who can make the tallest.
Have fun knocking them down but be careful that no one is standing too close when they fall!

Go Beachcombing


There are usually some interesting objects washed up by the tide. Go on a beachcombing expedition up the beach and carry your treasures back. If you are going to be clambering over rocks be sure to wear covered shoes to protect your feet. Thongs slip and slide on the rocks.

Sand Writing

Writing in the Sand

As you walk make tracks in the sand. Use your hands and feet to make monster tracks.
If you find a stick draw a picture in the sand. Can your friends guess what you have drawn?
Write your name and watch the sea wash it all away.
Play tic tac toe in the sand.

Collect Shells


Collect shells or interesting pebbles. Shells often have holes in them. String them together to make a mermaids necklace or a wind chime.

Search for Beach Life

 Fish in Rock Pool

Search rock pools for tiny fish and anemones.
Look for birds and animals. Trace their footprints in the sand.

Fun in the Water

Kids love the water and the sea is another way to provide easy beach activities for kids.
Little kids can paddle on the edge and run away from the waves.
Splashing games are fun for the whole family.
Older children will want to venture in deeper. Keep a close eye on them even if they can swim. It is easy to get into difficulties on the beach. Click here to find more tips for staying safe in the water.
If they have boogie boards they can have endless fun on the beach learning to ride the waves.

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