First Aid Kit List
Stay Safe On Your Picnic

First Aid Kit

If you are on a picnic accidents can happen. Use this first aid kit list to make up a first aid kit so you are always prepared.

It is useful to be able to treat accidents quickly on the spot even if it is only to stick a bandaid on a cut.

Of course if something serious happens like a fall or a snake bite hospital or a doctor is the only answer.
Take the trouble to learn basic first aid and CPR.
If an emergency occurs you will have much more confidence in dealing with it if you know exactly what to do.

Check out the St Johns Ambulance web site.

It has lots of information on first aid.

Have look at their iPhone App. If you download it you can be sure you always have the information with you in an emergency.

Now that is a good idea!

You can also buy ready made first aid kits from most department stores and camping supply shops but it is easy to collect you own first aid items.

Make Your Own First Aid Kit

Use a plastic box or a waterproof bag to hold all your first aid.

Don't make your first aid kit too big though or you will be tempted to leave it behind. It is no good if it is at home so always keep it in the car and take it with you on a picnic.

Use this first aid kit list of things to include in your own first aid kit.

A List of Items to Include


  • Personal Insect repellant to keep flies and mosquitoes at bay.
  • Antiseptic cream for cuts and scrapes.
  • Sun screen for anyone who has forgotten to bring their own.
  • Ointment or white vinegar for stings.
  • Bicarbonate of soda for rashes.
  • Crepe bandage to immobilize limbs in case to snake bite or
  • Wound dressings and roll of bandage.
  • Roll of sticking plaster.
  • Disposable gloves. Always wear gloves when you are treating open wounds for hygiene and safety.
  • Bandaid dressings.
  • Triangular bandage to use as a sling.
  • Tweezers and a needle to remove splinters and bee stings.
  • Matches for sterilizing needles.
  • Paracetamol for headaches.
  • Ibuprofen for more severe pain.
  • An instant cold pack to help relieve the pain and swelling of sprains and bruises.
  • Small sharp scissors.
  • Eye bath to wash foreign bodies from eyes.
  • Antihistamine tablets to treat stings and hay fever.
  • A small book of instructions for simple first aid and CPR.

If someone in your group has a medical condition be sure they have their own medication available.

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