French Cricket
to Play at a Picnic

Playing French Cricket

French cricket is a good game to play at any picnic where there are four or more players. It can be played in a smaller area than traditional cricket because the ball is not hit as far.

It is easy for everyone to play from toddlers to grandparents. Some little people may need a bit of a helping hand to throw the ball but everyone can have fun.

All you need is a tennis ball and a cricket bat or tennis racket. You can use any bat but it does need to be fairly wide.

These are the Rules

All the players stand in a circle.
One person is chosen as the first to bat.

The first batsman stands in the middle of the circle. He is not allowed to move his feet.
The rest of the players try to throw the ball and hit the batman's legs below the knees. Once his legs are hit that batsman is out.

Of course the batsman tries to deflect the ball away from his legs and hit it as far as possible. Everyone around the circle tries to catch the ball.

If the batsman does not hit the ball and it rolls through to the other side of the circle another fielder picks it up and tries to hit the batsman's legs. Because the batsman is not allowed move his feet he can not turn to face the new bowler. He must twist and turn to protect his legs. Really funny!!
If the batsman hits the ball and it is caught by one of the other players he is out.
Once out, the batsman is replaced by the player who bowled him out or hit his legs.

I don't think there are any winners or losers in this game just lots a lots of laughs.

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