How to Play Frisbee Games
at Your Picnic

Frisbee games are ideal for beach picnics or picnics in the park. Anywhere there is plenty of space to run around.

The games are easy to learn and you don't need to be an expert.

Grass or sand are both good for surfaces for playing Frisbee. If you dive for a catch or fall over you will have a soft landing.

Choose an open spot to play away from trees and other picnickers.
Don’t play too close to the water on the beach or you may lose your Frisbee.
The wind can carry a Frisbee away so play when the weather is fairly calm.

There are many different ways to throw and catch a Frisbee but here are the basics. These will be all you need to play at a picnic.

How to Throw a Frisbee

  • The easiest way to throw a Frisbee is backhand.
  • Stand with one side forward.
  • Grip the Frisbee with your fingers under the rim and your thumb on top.
  • Reach across the front of your body, swing your arm back, and THROW.

How to Catch a Frisbee

Catching a Frisbee
  • To catch a Frisbee keep your eyes on the Frisbee.
  • As the Frisbee comes towards you, put one hand above the level of the Frisbees flight, and put your other hand below.
  • When the Frisbee gets close move your top hand down, and bring your lower hand up.

Dogs Love Frisbees

Frisbee Dog
Dog catching frisbee

If you are taking your dog on a picnic give him a good run around and let him show off his catching skill!

Frisbee Games

There are several different ways of playing with a Frisbee .
If there are only two of you playing simply throw the Frisbee to each other.
But playing Frisbee can also make a great team game.

Frisbee Football

  • Play Frisbee Football with two teams.
  • Mark two goals on the ground with markers. Use beach towels, tee shirts or anything handy.
  • Each team aims to get the Frisbee between the goal posts.

The team players throw the Frisbee between each other to reach the goal.
If a team drops the frisbee the other team has control and starts throwing towards their goal.
You can have a goal keeper or not as you like.

Frisbee Golf

Playing Frisbee Golf
  • Decide on your golf course.
  • You can designate any objects to represent golf holes. Trees, rocks or piles of shirts.
  • Each player must throw the Frisbee to exactly hit that item.

Frisbee golf is a popular Frisbee game to play at a picnic. It can take some precision throwing to hit each "hole" exactly but just like real golf practise makes perfect.

Freestyle Frisbee

Try some of these frisbee tricks

Frisbee Trick
frisbee trick

Find out more about playing frisbee by consulting the FreeStyle Players Association. This web site explains all the throws, catches and fancy tricks you can do.

Have fun!

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