Fun Party Games to
Play at a Teddy Bears Picnic

Teddy Bear Games

If you are planning a Teddy Bears Picnic decide which fun party games to play and get everything ready before the picnic begins.

If you are having a race mark out the track with chalk or a talcum powder puffer.

If you need a pin board work out where it will hang.
You may need an easel to hold it if there is nowhere suitable at your picnic spot.

Prepare any prizes if you will need for games.

Here are some ideas for fun party games. Adapt them to suit your own party or alter some of your own favourite party games to fit in with the teddy bear theme.

Some Teddy Bear Games

Teddy Hide and Seek

Teddy Template

This fun party game can be played in several ways.
Traditional hide and seek where one child counts to 100 while all the others hide. When the child who is counting reaches 100 they set out to find the other children pretending to be a bear while the others try to get back to the bears den without being spotted.


Cut small teddy bears out of cardboard or heavy paper and hide them around the picnic area.
Glue craft sticks on the back.

The children have to find them all.
They can keep the ones they find but make some extras to give to children who don’t find any!
Later in the picnic the teddies on sticks can be used for a puppet show or to illustrate a teddy story.

Another way to play

Hide a stuffed teddy. The children have to find its hiding place.
Choose small teddy bear favours, teddy shaped biscuits or lollies, teddy key rings, stick on stars or teddy medals as prizes.

Teddy Treasure Hunt

Hide tiny teddy biscuits or chocolate teddies around the picnic area.

Each child has to find as many as possible.

Give everyone a brown paper bag to collect their bears.

Everyone gets to keep the teddies they find.

Be sure to keep some extra teddies to give out to anyone who hasn’t found any.

Pin the Nose on the Teddy

Cut a large teddy shape out of cardboard.

Draw or stick on eyes. Draw a circle where the nose should be. Cut out a round nose.

Paint the nose dark brown and stick a big drawing pin through it.

At the picnic blindfold each child and let them compete to pin the nose in the correct place on the cardboard cut-out.

Nearest to the nose is the winner and gets a teddy medal.

This game can also be played with a teddy bow tie. Paint the tie a cheerful red.

Pass the Teddy Beret

Children and teddies sit in a circle.

Play the teddy bears picnic song while the children pass around the teddy beret.

Stop the music at intervals.

The child left holding the beret is out. Last one left wins and gets a teddy medal.

Pass the Parcel Teddy Style

Wrap a small teddy in many layers of paper.
Between each layer place a small teddy toy.

Play the teddy bears picnic song
Stop the music at intervals.

The child holding the parcel when the music stops unwraps one layer of paper and claims the small prize.

Toss The Bee

Place a beehive (large basket) at a distance away from the children.

Use black and yellow stripy bean bags as bees and try to throw them into the basket.

The child with the best aim wins and gets a teddy medal.

Teddy Bear Race

Children line up with their teddies between their knees.

An adult shouts “Ready Teddy GO!”!
Children run as fast as they can keeping the teddy held tight.
If they drop their bear they have to stop and replace it between their knees before running on.

The winner gets a medal.

Another Teddy Bear Game

I saw a game the other night that would be ideal for a teddy bears picnic.A variation on a tag game.

One player is " it". They try to catch the other players. Once they catch one they have to give them a hug like a teddy bear. The person who is caught then becomes "it".

Be careful that children do not get carried away and hug each other too tightly.

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