Kids Party Supplies
for a Teddy Bears Picnic

Teddy at a Party

Keep an eye out for kids party supplies for few weeks before your teddy bears picnic on your everyday shopping trips. Look for small teddy shaped items.


A good hunting ground for teddy related items.

Look out for snacks, party favours, tiny teddy biscuits, bags of gummy bears or chocolate teddies. Anything with a teddy theme can be used for a teddy bears picnic.

Find items to decorate a teddy bear cake and other treats.

Make a teddy car cakes with round biscuits for wheels, M & M’s  for headlights and liquorice sticks for bumper bars.

Make a teddy face from a round cake covered in chocolate rice bubbles for fur.

There are lots of ideas for teddy bear cakes here.

Dollar Shops

Another place to look for kids party supplies.

Small teddy ornaments, party streamers, paper trumpets, teddy magnets, pencil toppers, or rubbers can all be used as prizes at a teddy bears picnic party.

Party Hats
Teddy Gumdrops
Teddy Biscuits

Try the scrapbooking section for teddy stickers or stamps.

Look out for any kids party supplies

  • Small baskets or boxes to carry teddy food.
  • Balloons with teddy faces printed on them. If you can’t find any suitable draw a teddy face on some bright red, blue or yellow balloons.
    At the teddy bears picnic be sure to tie balloons up securely. The slightest breeze can carry them away.
  • Party Hats in bright colours. You can make these yourself out of stiff shiny cardboard but they are so cheap at dollar shops it seems easier to buy them. Buy a hat for each child and their teddy.

Make Your Own Party Supplies

Making your own party supplies is a cheap and simple way to hold a succesful teddy bears picnic party.

Teddy Invitations

Although there are lots of printable invitations on the internet for you to use you can easily make your own.

Use this teddy bear shape to cut out a teddy bear from brown cardboard.

Draw a nose,eyes and mouth with black texta.

On the back write:

  • The Place and time of the party
  • Please reply by??
  • Give a phone number or email address.
  • Use a fancy script if you are clever.

Teddy Name Badges

Make a name badge for each child and teddy attending the picnic. They help identify each child and link them to their own teddy.

  • Cut out the teddy bear shape from brown cardboard.
  • Glue an oval cardboard shape to form a nose.
  • Glue two wiggly eyes above the nose.
  • Draw on a teddy mouth.
  • Colour in teddy ears and pads.
  • Cut an oval in white card.
  • Write the child’s or teddy’s name on the oval and glue it to the bear.
  • Fasten a safety pin to the back of each cardboard bear with sticky tape.
  • Pin a badge on each child and their teddy as they arrive at the picnic.
  • Have a look in the scrapbook department of local stores. You can often find paper cut outs of clothes there that can be glued on your badge.
  • What about making teddies with skirts for the girls and shorts for the boys.

Teddy Puppets

Teddy puppets can be used to play hide and seek, to act out an action rhyme or to make a puppet play.

  • Cut out the small teddy bear shape in brown cardboard.
  • Colour in the nose, mouth, eyes paws and ears with a black felt pen.
  • Stick a paddle pop stick to the back so that the teddy can be held and used as a puppet.

Teddy Medals

If you are going to hold games at your teddy bears picnic party make some teddy bear medals like this for everyone who joins in.

Honey Bags

Honey bags can be used to hold each childs party loot.

Make them out of yellow party bags form the dollar shop. Simply write "HONEY" on each one with black texta. Add each childs name to avoid any confusion.

Teddy Bear Swag Bags

Another way of carrying home goodies from a teddy bears picnic party.
Tie the goodies up in a checked picnic cloth or serviette.
Tie it to the end of a stick for kids to carry home

Tableclothes and Napkins

Traditionally teddy bears always have red gingham tablecloths. Table clothes and napkins can be expensive kids party supplies to buy but they are cheap and easy to make.

 Just cut the appropriate size squares from red check material. They do not have to be hemmed. They make a teddy bears picnic party really bright and cheerful.

Another idea for a teddy bears picnic party is to read a teddy story.

Keep the story short and get a a book with lots of pictures and repetitive words so that children can join in.

Borrow a book from the local library or buy one locally or on the internet.

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  Teddy Bear Books

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Winnie the Pooh is still a great favourite

Lots of ideas for Teddy Bear picnics with recipes that kids can make.

Need help planning the perfect kids party? Then this is the book for you.