Outdoor Lighting Ideas
for a Romantic Picnic

Romantic Pool

Outdoor lighting ideas can make a big difference to the mood of a picnic. Romantic lighting should be soft and subdued but bright enough to see what you are eating. It's good to be able to see your food.

Keep lighting on a table low. You don't want lights blowing over in a breeze or forming a barrier between you and your partner when you are trying to gaze into one anothers eyes.

Here are some ways to light your romantic picnic.


Candles are the ultimate in lighting for romance. Their soft flickering light can turn the most mudane setting into a beautiful spot.


Choose a colour to tone with your table setting. Plain white always goes with any table decoration.

There are so many different styles to use. Round, long, tall or narrow. Watch out for the wind when choosing a candle style. Tall thin candles are not suitable for use out of doors as they more easily affected by the wind and can easily topple on uneven surfaces.

Tea lights can be set all around the picnic area to make a romantic glow.
Candle holders come in as many shapes and sizes as there are candles. When you are looking for holders choose ones that protect the candle from the breeze, ones that are not too tall and ones that let a fair bit of light shine onto the table. Or just light your candle in a pretty jar. Be careful when you touch the glass as it can get quite hot.
Battery operated candles are increasingly popular and actually look real. They are not affected by wind and eliminate the dangers of fire or dipping wax. Look in dollar shops, department stores, markets or specialist candle stores.

Candle Lanterns

Lanterns help protect candles from the weather and people from dipping wax.

Candle Lantern

There are many different styles for sale in all shapes and sizes.
You can stand the lanterns on a flat surface or hang them up.

Coloured Lanterns

You can make your own lantern from glass jars. Wrap the lip of the jar with wire to create a handle.Then fill the bottom with sand to catch the dripping wax and steady the candle. Use jars in an assortment of colours and sizes and place them around the picnic site.

Lanterns are both decorative and practical, as the candle flame is magnified through the glass and shielded from the wind.
If you use citronella candles they will keep insects away as well.

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is the best outdoor lighting idea ever invented and it is getting more popular every day.
It is great to use for romantic lighting at picnics.

Each solar light has small solar panels on top.The solar panels charge "LED" lights which are very bright for their size and use very little power.

You can buy all sorts of solar lights from fairy lights to spotlights.
Hanging lanterns or standing lamps there is a wide range available.
You don’t have to worry about being near electricity. Simply charge solar lights in the sun for a day before the picnic and they will give beautiful mood lighting for a romantic picnic.

If you are going on a romantic picnic in the evening be sure to enhance the setting with outdoor lighting.

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