Hold a Party Competition
at your Teddy Bears Picnic

Teddy in Costume

It is fun to hold a party competition at your teddy bears picnic but it is a good idea to make sure every guest gets some sort of prize at the end especially when there are little children in the group.

Consider the age of the guests at your picnic. Some competitions are more suitable for older children, some for younger ones.

Here are a couple of ideas for competions to run at a teddy bears picnic.

Teddies in a Jar

Count out some teddy lollies or tiny teddy biscuits and make a note of the number.
Pour them into a see-through plastic jar.
Each guest has to guess how many teddies are in the jar.
The guest who has the closest guess gets a medal.
Distribute the contents of the jar among the other guests as a reward for guessing!

The Greatest Teddy

This is a competition where everyone walks away a winner.

Make up a medal for each teddy attending the party.
Write a descriptive word for a teddy bear on each badge.
For example:

  • Biggest Bear
  • Smallest Bear
  • Cuddliest Bear
  • Fatest Bear
  • Happiest Bear
  • Saddest Bear
  • Silliest Bear
  • Most Loved Bear.

Think of as many words as you have bears attending the party.
Line up the teddies and get an adult to judge each bear.
Pin on the appropriate medal.

Every teddy gets a medal and can wear it proudly.

Here is a medal that you can make to use as a prize at any party. It's easy.

  • Cut a circle from gold or yellow cardboard.
  • Cut 2 ribbon shaped pieces from red cardboard or use real red ribbons.
  • Glue the ribbons to the back of your circle so that the ends show below.
  • Stick a safety pin to the back of the circle with sticky tape.
  • Write any details of any award on the front of the medal in texta.

There a probably many more ideas for competitions to hole at a picnic. Think of some to suit your particular group of guests.

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