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Choosing the right picnic backpacks and baskets for your picnic can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many different types on the market. Everyone wants a bag or basket that is practical, durable and the best value for the money they have to spend.

You just have to decide on the best one to suit your life style. Sounds simple but there are a few things to consider.

Here are some helpful ideas of what to look for when you are choosing. It is useful to have a definate plan in mind to make sure you are picking the best for your picnic.

What Type Of Picnic Carrier Do You Need?

The first decision you will have to make is whether you want to buy a backpack or a basket.

Backpacks are practical and easy to carry.

Baskets are heavier and more bulky but are easy to open wide so that you can easily reach your food. They look terrific and give your picnic an old fashioned luxury feel. You may need to take a cooler box with your basket to pack extra food and drink as well as keeping your food super cold.

How Many People Do You Cater For?

 Will there be just you and your partner or do you picnic with a large group of family and friends. Most picnic backpacks and baskets cater for two or four but some contain picnic equipment for six. Remember you can always carry extra food and drink separately in cooler boxes if you will be part of a large crowd.

Estimate how much space you will need before you buy picnic backpacks and baskets. Sometimes several smaller bags may be better than one big one. Remember that you will have to carry your picnic  even if this is just a short distance. You don't want to start the day with a bad back.

How Much Money Will You Spend? 

Really good quality picnic backpacks and baskets are reasonably  expensive but are good value. They come with all your picnic essentials neatly packed and ready to go.  

If saving money is a consideration buy a plain basket or a supermarket cool bag and fit it with picnic equipment yourself. It may not be as glamorous but it will do the job.

Here is a very reasonably priced, strong polyester backpack that will see you though any day out. Stay cool and sophisticated with black or fawn or stand out in the crowd with bright and snazzy red, blue or lime.

The pack is divided into two sections.  Pack your picnic food in plastic boxes and carry it with your drink bottle in the bottom, insulated section. Pack a jumper in the top section in case the weather turns cool. There is even a zipped pocket for all your odds and ends. You are all set for a great day out.

Will You Be Picnicking On Hot Days?

On a hot day food can spoil very quickly. Sandwiches go dry and curly. Salads wilt and ferment. Bacteria multiply on meat and chicken.

If you don’t intend to eat your meal straight away look for picnic baskets and backpacks with insulated liners or compartments to keep your food cool. If you are taking cold drinks or wine separate compartments for bottles are useful.

If you are picnicking with several people you may need a cooler box or "esky" to store all your food. A hot day is when cooler boxes really are essential.

Find out more about them here.

How Far Will You Be Walking?

 If you are going to be carrying your picnic quite a way an insulated picnic backpack can be more convenient than a basket. If you will be hiking, fishing or just walking a distance over rough ground picnic cooler backpack is easy to carry.

If you will not be walking too far you may prefer a picnic bag on on wheels that you can pull along like this one.

Check  out how to choose the best picnic cooler backpack here.

Do You Go On Romantic Or Gourmet Picnics?

 Would you like everything to be perfect with a luxury atmosphere? A traditional wicker picnic basket may suit you. They are perfect for special picnics at the races, outdoor concerts, or theatre performances. They can be heavy to carry far but they look beautiful and contain everything you will need all ready to go.

Here are some tips for choosing the best wicker picnic basket to suit you.

All the picnic bags on this page are available from Just click the images to find out more about them or visit The Picnic Shop to find more examples.

Whichever picnic backpack or basket you choose it's not doing any good in the cupboard. Make sure to use it often on some great picnics.

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