The Best Picnic Cooler Backpacks
to Choose

Picnic cooler backpacks are easy to carry and will keep your food really fresh. 

Different features are important to different people so choose the best backpack that you can to suit your individual lifestyle.

If you will be hiking or walking long distances on your picnic adjustable straps and a light weight pack will be important.

If you are only going a short distance from your car but want to carry a complete picnic set comfortably, size and the included contents may be more important.

So the first thing to do is to work out how you will be using your picnic cooler backpack on most of  your days out.

Choosing a Picnic Cooler Backpack

You will be using your backpack for a long time. It will take you to some unforgettable experiences and some perfect picnics. Be sure that the one you pick will be just right.

Here are some things to look for in your perfect backpack.

  • Is the bag made from sturdy materials. Is the stitching strong.
  • Are the straps long  and wide enough. Do they have any padding. Narrow straps will cut into your shoulders.  Are they adjustable. It is important to carry the bag in the right position on your back especially if you are taking your picnic on a hike.
  • It is useful to have a handle on top of the backpack to lift it up. 
  • Does the bag open wide to allow easy access to the contents.
  •  Find out how much a backpack weighs. It is no good buying a bag that is too heavy for you to carry.  A wheeled cooler may be more convenient for short trips.  Some backpacks have removable wheels so you can use them either way.
  • Size matters.  Is the bag big enough to hold your picnic needs. You may have to make a compromise between weight and size.  If your bag is too big it will weigh too much to carry comfortably, it may be better to buy several smaller bags and let each person on the picnic carry their own.

Check the Contents

  •  Make sure the contents fit your needs. Would you like a blanket. What about a tablecloth, a corkscrew or a cheese board.
  • Are the plates as big as you would like. Some plates in picnic settings are rather small but if you are eating sandwiches and finger food this need not be a problem.
  • Is the cutlery sturdy. Personally I hate plastic knives and forks. They are flimsy and do not cut properly so if you are like me make sure that the ones included in your backpack are metal and strong enough to do the job.
  • Are accessories like napkins or salt and pepper sets included. If not are these important to you.
  • Would you like a seperate detachable bottle holder. This saves space inside the bag if you are taking a drink with you.
  • Is the food section big enough. Is it insulated for food safety. If you are not walking too far and you need more space you can always take extra food or drinks in a seperate insulated cooler box.
  • Does the picnic cooler backpack include food containers. If not will the ones that you have fit neatly into the insulated food compartment.

There are a wide range of picnic backpacks available. Have a look at some here in the Picnic Shop. Take one of these backpacks anywhere with you. Use it on family day trips or long walks in country. Take one with you on holiday so you can have a lunchtime meal in comfort without breaking the bank.

Have a great time with your picnic backpack.

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