Picnic Food Ideas
for a Teddy Bears Picnic

Teddy Bears Picnic

Picnic food ideas for a teddy bears picnic should include teddy bear food that is easy to eat and pack.
Avoid food that is sloppy and messy.
Items that can be picked up and popped quickly into little mouths are the best way to go.
A teddy shaped cookie cutter is very helpful if you are preparing food for a teddy bears picnic.
You can cut teddy shapes into almost anything!

What did the Teddy Bear say when he was offered a second helping?
"No thanks; I'm already stuffed!"

Teddy Bear Food

Finger Food

Finger Food is a good picnic idea for a teddy bears picnic.

Make some teddy pillows or small sausage rolls. Cocktail frankfurts, cheese sticks, celery or carrot sticks and bite size pieces of fruit make tasty finger food for kids.

Teddy Bread

Teddy bread is very easy to make.

Butter some slices of bread and cut a shape with a teddy cookie cutter.
Sprinkle choc sprinkles over top. Use sultanas for two eyes and a nose and you have a brown teddy to eat.


Tiny teddy cupcakes are a good way to finish a meal. Make some cupcakes with chocolate icing. Stick a "Tiny Teddy" biscuit on the top.

Teddy Treats

Bumble Bees and Teddy Cars make scrumptious teddy bear treats .

Teddy Drinks

Running around playing teddy bear games and eating teddy bear food can make you very thirsty.
It is best to serve in pop top bottles that are not so likely to spill as mugs.

Teddy Drinking

Pack individual bottles of homemade lemonade in an insulated bag or cooler. Hand them out to each child with the food.
Always take extra bottle of water, not only to drink but to wash sticky hands.

Packing a Teddy Bears Picnic

Pack your picnic food carefully.
Prepare small individual baskets of party food. One for each child.
Line each basket with a red and white check cloth.
Wrap some bright ribbon around the handle and tie a teddy shaped name tag to each one.
Lidded plastic boxes inside each basket will keep the food fresh and clean.

Teddy Birthdays

 Teddys have birthdays too.

A picnic is a perfect way to celebrate. Invite some friends to come along.

Eating teddy bear food and playing party games out of doors saves a lot of work for Mum and is more fun for the kids.

Birthday Teddy

If you are planning a teddy bears picnic birthday party a teddy bear birthday cake is probably at the top of your list.

Use your imagination to make the cake really unique.

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