Picnic Games to Play

Playing Football

On a picnic there is often plenty of room to run around and enjoy picnic games.
Whether you are going to the beach, the country or organising a community picnic you can have lots of fun and laughter.

So take some time to think about the games you might play and the equipment you will need to play them.


Picnics should be stress free so you won't want to cart lots of games equipment with you.

A basic bat and ball are all you really need to play most picnic games but if you have a particular game that you enjoy of course take what you will need to play it.
Golf clubs, frisbees, kites and the old standby buckets and spades all come into their own on a picnic.
Families often have games equipment lying around the house or garage forgotten about.
A picnic is an ideal time to get it out and actually use it.

When you haven't brought the right things to play the game you want just improvise. Use jackets as for goal posts or driftwood as wickets.

If you go on a picnic often keep your games equipment packed and ready to go in a sports bag. Make sure the bag is long enough to hold cricket bats, golf clubs or tennis rackets. Keep balls safe so they don't roll everywhere. Don't forget the buckets and spades. Just pick up your bag, throw it the back of the car and you're away.

That's what picnics are all about.

Game Rules

Most games that you play on a picnic are pretty casual affairs with no rules that are set in stone.
You can usually make up the rules as you go along.
Of course if you are helping to run a more organised event like a picnic birthday party or a community picnic you will have to plan some more formal games and take the equipment everyone will need to play them.

Here are some popular picnic games to play.

Click the name of the game to find out more.

Team Games

When a few friends get together you can play team games. There are some basic rules for each game but you can adapt them to suit your own picnic. They can vary depending on the number of people and the space that you have available.


Beach Football

Grab a ball and make some improvised goal posts (or just agree as to here the goals should be. Of course a football is best but if you only have a tennis ball players just have to be a bit quicker on their feet.


You will need a cricket bat and a tennis ball . Use a cooler box, a jumper or anything you have with you as a wicket. Divide your group into two teams, or just have everyone fielding and bat in turns.


If you have a Frisbee throw and catch it between each other. It really keeps you on your toes and is great exercise. If you have a team you can play some team games like frisbee golf or frisbee football.

French Cricket

Playing French Cricket

An easy game to play where everyone can join in.The wider the bat the easier to play. The ever useful tennis ball comes into it's own again.


String up a net between two trees. Divide into two teams and hit a football or beachball over the net. Don't let the ball touch the ground .

Bocce or Petanque

These games could have been made for picnics. Anyone can play them anywhere. But you will need a set of bocce or petanque balls to play them. if you have some take them on your picnic

Games for Kids
(Adults can play too)

  • Hide and seek. An old game that is always popular
  • Treasure hunt. Plan ahead to hide treasure at community or birthday picnics .
  • Water pistols. Play in summer when you need to cool down and have lots of fun.


You need a few people at your picnic if you are planning to hold races.
Of course you can just line everyone up, start together and see who can get to a marked finish line first.
But here are some old favourites that are always popular
and fun at a community picnics or birthday party.

They often help to break the ice and get people laughing and talking together.

  • Egg and Spoon Race
  • Three-legged Race
  • Sack Race

These are just some of my ideas for games to play at a picnic. I am sure you can think of many more.

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