A Picnic List for a Perfect Picnic

Picnic List

Here is a picnic list of basic items to take on your picnic.

  • As you find something else you would like to take add it to the list.
  • Leave off the items that you know you will not use.
  • Make up your own unique picnic list adapted especially for your family.

Of course you will be taking something to eat and drink. That is what a picnic is all about but there are other items not to forget. Some more important than others


Take food that you really enjoy. Have a look at picnic menus and recipes for ideas.

Be sure to follow some simple food safety tips to make sure food is packed in the right way.

Don't forget to take condiments. Salt, pepper, mustard, salad dressing, pickles and chutneys make all the difference to a meal.


Everyone gets thirsty out in the sun so plan to take plenty of picnic drinks. Even if you are taking other drinks add water to the picnic list. It is important to make sure everyone drinks enough to keep hydrated. Water is also useful to dampen towels for wiping sticky hands and faces.

First Aid Kit

An important item on your picnic list.

Organizations such as St Johns Ambulance and The Red Cross as well as camping and variety store sell complete first aid kits. Or make up your own in a convenient box with a sealed lid.

It is useful to always keep a basic first aid kit in the car. Learn basic first aid and CPR to use any where and at any time.

Mobile Phone

Invaluable in a emergency or just great to keep in touch. Nowadays most people have one.

If you have a smart phone you can use it to take photos and look up the route to your picnic. Let all your friends know what is happening at your picnic and whereabouts you are with facebook and Twitter.

Make sure it is charged!

Something to Sit On

If you are going to be sitting on the ground a ground sheet will protect you from the damp or dust.

Use a rug over the ground sheet to actually sit on.

Some picnic rugs come with a plastic backing which can be useful on damp ground but a seperate ground sheet is stronger.

Big cushions are comfy to sit on or lean against. Some people find it hard to sit on the ground. Take some comfortable, light folding chairs. There are lots of different sorts are now available. Some fit into their own bags so are easy to pack and carry.

Protection from the Weather

  • Umbrella. Protection from the sun and rain.
  • Portable Gazebo.These are more stable than umbrellas and will protect group of people. They are more expensive but once you get one it will last for ages.Some models have screen walls to keep out insects and let you eat in peace. The best ones pop up very quickly and pack away neatly into their own bag.
  • Rainproof Coats or Ponchos. Disposable plastic ponchos fold into a small bag. They are very cheap and great protection in a sudden storm.
  • Jackets and Coats if the weather is chilly.
  • Sunscreen
  • Hats for everyone

Table and Table Cloth

There are lots of light folding tables sold in camping and variety stores. Look for one that is solid but reasonably light to add to your picnic list if you are not going to an established picnic area.

A waterproof tablecloth that you can wipe down is convenient or use a tablecloth of cheerful, easily washed gingham.

Keep the flies off the food once it has been laid out for picnic food safety. A piece of light netting that covers all the food is more useful than the small netting frames available. These take up room and only cover one dish.


Decent quality knives forks and spoons are really worth adding to your picnic list. They don't have to be fancy but plastic simply is not up to the job.

Don't forget some extras:

  • Serving spoons
  • Tongs
  • Sharp Knife. Really useful and easily forgotten
  • Bottle Opener or Corkscrew
  • Tin opener
  • Cutting board. Very useful especially if you are not taking a table.
  • Plastic Wrap to cover uneaten food
  • Crockery. There is a wide range of disposable plates, bowls and mugs available.For something more solid and permanent go for melamine. It looks like ceramic but is lighter and unbreakable.White is the most adaptable colour. Dress it up with colourful napkins and table settings as you like.

Cleaning Equipment

  • Tea towels. Useful for wiping spills and can be used as napkins
  • Damp Cloths. Pack these in sealed plastic bags.
  • Paper Napkins. You can buy lots of different colours and designs to match you picnic theme.
  • Paper Towels. Use instead of paper napkins for wiping plates or people.
  • Wet Wipes. Especially good if you are taking babies or children.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Big Plastic Bags Good for rubbish and wet towels.You can even make a hole in these and pull them over your head as makeshift rain protection.

Things to do

While you are at your picnic you may want to play some games. You may be taking a picnic on a trip to enjoy a special hobby.

Here is a list of some equipment you might consider taking with you.

  • Fishing rods, golf clubs, volley ball, football, tennis.
  • A basic bat and ball can keep people occupied for ages.
  • Frisbees are fun for all ages.
  • Don't forget buckets and spades for the beach.
  • Card or board games can be entertaining if the weather turns nasty.
  • Radio or CD player. If you are going to use these make sure they are turned low enough not to disturb other picknicers
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Binoculars. Look at the view. Keep an eye out for birds, animals or any wayward kids!
  • Towels and swimwear if you are going anywhere near water.
  • A camera. Waterproof cameras are now common.You won't have to worry if your camera gets splashed and you wll be able to take some interesting underwater photos

Barbeque Equipment

If you are having a barbque at your picnic you will need some cooking equipment.

  • Cooking oil spray
  • Barbeque tools
  • Barbeque cleaning equipment
  • Matches
  • Aluminium foil
  • Metal or foil trays to keep food hot.

This list is a starting point of things to consider when you are packing for a picnic.

You can add or subtract from it to make your own picnic list just right for you.

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