Picnic Sandwiches for Everyday
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Plate of Sandwiches

Everyone knows that you take picnic sandwiches when you go on a picnic. All too often they consist of a leaf wilting lettuce, a slice of processed cheese and a soggy tomato between two pieces of white bread .

With a bit of effort and imagination you can make your sandwiches a little bit different so they are really delicious and stand out in a crowd.

There are sandwiches for vegetarians, hungry teenagers, romantic couples and families with kids.

For smart occasions like weddings or race meetings make some gourmet sandwiches.

Sandwich Bread

Loaves of Bread

Choose the right sandwich bread for you. Don't stick to thin sliced white bread . It is pretty tasteless and goes dry in no time.

Always buy your bread from a baker or a supermarket that bakes their own bread. Pick a square white, wholemeal or grain loaf to make sandwiches.

From bagel rolls to pita bread wraps there are breads to suit every filling and every occasion.

Sandwich Fillings

You can use just about any foods for your sandwich filling, in fact it's often the experimental combinations that turn out to be the most successful.

Add plenty of filling to any picnic sandwich but slice foods thinly. Two thin slices are easier to eat than one thick one. Shred lettuce. Use grated carrot.

Try mixing sweet and savory. Marmalade with cheese is a tasty favourite in our family.

Add some grated apple for a new taste experience.

Use these fillings as a base to make some tasty picnic sandwiches. Add some salad vegetables and sauces.

At a BBQ use grilled meats with onions, coleslaw, potato salad and tomatoes.

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Vegetarian Sandwiches

Ham  Sandwiches

Turkey Sandwiches

Buy cold meat slices from a deli or supermarket. Roast your own beef to make up some hearty sandwiches. Ham is a popular sandwich filler, add some mustard and a wide range of ingredients.

Use breast or sliced chicken from the deli for a picnic sandwich. Add green salad, mayonaise or cheese.

Turkey makes a great sandwich filling whether in pieces or finely sliced. Use it topped with cranberry sauce and with salads. It can be used as a subsitute for chicken or visa versa. If you are going on a Christmas or Thanksgiving picnic turkey sandwiches are ideal.

Eggs can be hardboiled and chopped or mashed, fried or scrambled to put into a picnic sandwich. Egg and cress sandwiches are a traditional summer standby. They can mixed with mayonaise, added to salad or or used in a myriad of other ways.

Tuna is easy to make into a sandwich. Add mayonaise and a salad.

Sandwiches are ideal food for vegetarians. Use all sorts of salads and vegetables with beans, tofu, cheese or egg to make lovely, moist fillings.

If you are planning a picnic for a special occasion look for gourmet sandwiches to include in your picnic menu. Avocado, crab, lobster and smoked salmon all make good fillings for gourmet sandwiches.

Avoid Soggy Sandwiches

Keep your sandwiches fresh and inviting until you reach your picnic. Here are some hints for keeping them looking and tasting perfect .

  • If you are including leafy vegetables wash them thoroughly. Drain them well in a strainer . Place them on paper towel to dry. If you have a salad spinner spin them well.
  • Pat juicy vegetables like tomatoes or cucumbers on both sides with paper towel to remove any dampness.
  • If you are using cooked ingredients like bacon or sausage make sure you drain any excess oil away and dry them on paper towel before adding them to your sandwich. Cool the filling well.
  • Cool any sandwiches with warm fillings before you pack them to prevent them sweating in plastic wrapping.
  • Using butter or margarine on your sandwich will prevent the filling from soaking into the bread. If you dont want to use too much fat use crushed avocado instead.

Keep Sandwiches Moist

  • Cover them tightly in cling wrap or pack them in a sealed box or both.
  • Keep them cool on the way to the picnic in a cooler box or bag. This is especially important if they contain any meat, chicken or fish.

There is a sandwich for every picnic. And there are reasons why they have been so popular at picnics for ages.

They are quick to make, easy to transport and convenient to eat. They can be made in a wide variety of styles and flavours to suit everybody.

The ideal picnic food.

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