The Picnic Shop

If you need to find some great picnic ideas browse through the picnic shop.

If you need equipment to help you prepare your picnic. You will find it here.

Carry your picnic in comfort. Find practical and stylish items to wear. Look for play equipment. And much more.

The shops are grouped in categories to help you find the very product you need to plan a perfect picnic.

Select a Picnic Shop and get started finding useful and interesting items to help you enjoy your special picnic.

Picnic Backpacks and Baskets for Your Picnic

Choosing the right picnic backpacks and baskets for your picnic can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many different types on the market. Everyone wants a bag or basket that is practical, durable and the best value for the money they have to spend.

Find out how to choose the best one for you here.

Shady Beach Hats to Wear on a Picnic

Looking for a perfect beach hat to wear on a  picnic? Don't just buy any old hat you see.

There are some fabulous sun hats to buy but a good one must not only look good it must protect you from the strong ultraviolet light as well. There are hats for boys, girls, men and women so pick one to suit every member of the family.

You will find out more about hats to wear at a picnic here.

The Best Sunglasses for a Picnic

Whether you want to look really cool, protect your eyes or just see clearly without eyestrain in the great outdoors spend some time to choose the best sunglasses for you.

There are sunglasses for men, women and kids.

Find more about choosing the best sunglasses here.

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