Make A Pina Colada
for a Summer Picnic

Make one of these versions of pina colada to take on a picnic. There is nothing like a smooth cocktail of tropical juice on a summers day. Make it in the traditional way with rum or leave the rum out for non-alcoholic version.

If you want to imagine you are picniking in the Caribbean summer sitting in a hammock under a palm tree this is the drink for you. Yummy!

Pineapple has the reputation of being an aphrodisiac so this drink might be just the finishing touch to a romantic picnic.

So really relax and enjoy.

Pina Colada with Rum

Blend the tropical flavours of pineapple and coconut with rum to make this luscious cocktail.
You will need
2 cups pineapple juice
1/2 cup white rum
1/2 cup coconut cream
2 tbs finely chopped palm sugar (brown sugar will do)

Blend pineapple juice, rum, coconut cream, sugar and ice in a blender until smooth. Pour mixture into a bottle and freeze it. The alcohol will stop the mixture freezing solid. Take it to your picnic in a cooler and it will be melted enough to drink icy cold when you get there.

Virgin Pina Colada

There is no alcohol in this recipe which makes it perfect for all ages at a picnic.
You will need

  • 2 cup pineapple juice
  • 1 cup coconut cream
  • 2 cups crushed ice

Blend pineapple juice, coconut cream and crushed ice in a blender. Freeze a bottle of the mixture to take to a picnic.

I am getting really thirsty. I just can't wait for the tangy, rich taste of tropical summer. I am off to make one now even though it's too late at night to go on a picnic!

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