Your Most Romantic Picnic
Tell Us About It Here

What is the most romantic picnic you have ever been on.

Now is you chance to tell us all about it.

Where you went. What you ate. What happened on the day.

Most important who you went with!!

You will have your own web page for everyone to share. Its easy. Just write about in the form below and send it to me. All the instructions are there. Just click on the question marks if you need any help. I will put your story onto its own page on my site.

What Happened on Your Picnic

Often funny things can happen even on a special picnic.

You try to make everything perfect but if you are with someone new you can be nervous. You spill the food or trip on a branch and fall straight into his arms.

Which could be good!

Maybe you got lost on the way. What was supposed to be a lovely day out turned into a trek through mud in the rain.

Maybe you just stumbled on a lovely little pub to dry out.

Or maybe that just happens in the movies and you ended up wet and bedraggled at your own front door.

It was awful at the time but looking back you can laugh!

Often disasters lead to the best of memories!

Tell the story.

Enough of Disasters!

Your idylic picnic might turn into a proposal. Even a suprise wedding!

Have you watched the sun go down over the sea or watch it come up from a balloon with a champagne breakfast.

Do you have a lovely romantic spot where you go with your partner. Your own special place.

You don't have to tell us exactly where it is - keep that to yourself!

Just describe it.

Is the view amazing? It might be city lights or thundering waves on an isolated beach.

How did you plan your picnic. Do you have any special tips for a romantic table setting or seating.

Tell us all about it.

Send me some photos of your picnic. I will add them to your web page.

Tell us About Your Most Romantic Picnic

Do you have a romantic picnic you can't stop thinking about?
Whether it was perfect or a little bit crazy.
Tell us about it.

What Did You Cook to Eat at Your Picnic?

Did you cook something special? What is your secret gourmet recipe to take on a picnic.

Don't keep it a secret any longer. You can share it here.

Tell us how you first made your recipe and help us make it too. Why do you love it so much. Describe the picnic where you first shared it. Send us a photo of the picnic or the finished dish if you have one.

Include any extra tips or short cuts you have found to make the recipe perfect (ex., use baking paper to stop biscuits sticking). Only you will know how to make your recipe the best.

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