Romantic Picnic Menu Ideas

Romantic Picnic

Plan a romantic picnic menu that will suit any occasion when you will be alone together.

Maybe you are having a romantic picnic for a birthday, a proposal,valentines day or just for time together.

Remember if you are going to picnic away from home your picnic must be fairly easy to carry and to keep fresh.
If you are going to have a romantic picnic at home on the verandah or inside in front of a roaring fire you can afford to be more flexible and cook food that needs to be served at once or needs to be kept frozen.
Wherever you are make sure the food is easy to eat and to share.

An Easy Romantic Picnic Menu

Romantic Platter

Lay out a platter with different cheeses, antipasto, fruit and cold meats.
Use several different types of cheeses.
Try brie, camembert, vintage cheddar or blue cheese with some mixed cream cheeses like apricot and coconut or onion and chives.
Add a mixed antipasto of roast capsicum, pickled mushrooms,
Semi-sundried tomatoes, marinated artichokes and an olive tapenade.

Choose some cold meats. Salami, prosciutto. mortadella, smoked ham and smoked salmon are all great.
Any fruits in season give a fresh clean taste to the platter.
Choose ones that are easy to pick up and eat.
Grapes, strawberries, peach slices, apricots, sliced watermelon or cherries. Dried fruit is also tasty.
Serve with crusty french bread or water biscuits.
All these items are easy to find in supermarkets or at your local deli.
For a really decadent end to the meal make some chocolate truffles or strawberries dipped in chocolate
Wine or champagne are lovely to drink with a romantic picnic.

A Finger Food Menu

A finger food menu keeps the need for cutlery and plates to a minimum but the food can still have that special luxury touch.

Chicken Wings

For savory finger food choose:

  • Spicy Picnic Chicken Wings
  • Easy Mini Quiches
  • Avocado dip
  • Sesame Ham Wrapped Asparagus.

For dessert try:

  • Chocolate strawberries
  • Rum and Orange Balls
  • Mascarpone and almond stuffed dates.

Find the recipes for savoury finger foods here and for finger food deserts here.

Choose a picnic drink to compliment your meal.

A Gourmet Picnic Menu

When you are planning a romantic picnic you can let your hair down and plan exotic foods that are only for special occasions.
Plan a perfect gourmet menu. Buy the best quality ingredients and prepare a gorgeous meal. Find out what food your partner particularly like to make a menu just for them.
Here are just some ideas but there are many more.

  • Fresh Oysters
  • Avocados, prawns and mango with coriander dressing
  • Sundried tomato and feta quiche
  • Green salad with prosciutto
  • Potato salad
  • Fruit tarts
  • Chocolate truffles

The recipes for this menu are here.

Take some champagne or a dry white wine to drink
They say pineapple is an aphrodisiac so try some pina colada.

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