A Romantic Picnic
For Just the Two of You

Romantic Couple

If you have a new love or an old one a romantic picnic can bring more romance into your life. Your picnic can be as elaborate or simple as you like.
The right person in the right place with the right food makes all the difference.

 Some special days deserve to be celebrated.
Wedding anniversaries, engagements, special birthdays and of course Valentine’s Day.

Fish and chips watching the sun setting over a beach can be extra special with the right person but planning a picnic can make it a really memorable occasion.

Valentine's Day is coming soon. Organise a romantic day out and buy your loved one something special.

Where to Go On a Romantic Picnic

You can take your picnic almost anywhere. Decide where to set up before you start. A romantic mood quickly vanishes if you are looking for a spot to picnic when you are tired and hungry.

  • Look around your area for beautiful secluded places. There are masses of possibilities. Look for national parks, botanic gardens, river banks, lakes or just the local park.
  • If your picnic is in the evening watch the moon lighting the waves or the sun setting on the horizon while the palm trees sway in the gentle breeze. If a cooler breeze blows up what a excuse for a cuddle!
  • Think about outdoor cinemas or concerts where the romance is laid on.
  • If you are both early risers what about a romantic early morning picnic at the beach or the park. Take a picnic up in a balloon and watch the sun rising over the mountains.
  • You can even use your own home or backyard.
  • Balconies or verandas are good choices for picnics at home.
  • If the weather turns wet or cold move your picnic inside beside the fire or spread out a rug on the bed. Lower the lights. Play some soft music. Serve some gorgeous food and plenty of wine.
  • If you picnic at home you can have an alcoholic drink without having to worry about driving.

What to Eat on a Romantic Picnic

Decide on something really special to eat.
Romantic food ideas can help you decide.
Here are some picnic menus, gourmet recipes and recipes for some special finger food to get you started.

Take some picnic drinks to compliment your food.
Wine, fruit punch or just plain orange juice to suit your taste.
If you are taking a fruit punch mix a color to compliment your table setting.
Take a bottle of water as well just in case you get really thirsty..
Don't forget to include a really delicious desert.

What to Take on a Romantic Picnic

When you are starting to plan your picnic check out the picnic list for the basics to take on any picnic but think about taking some extra items to make your picnic special.
Comfort is all important. No one feels romantic if they are uncomfortable. Take some big cushions, rugs or chairs.

If the picnic is in the evening outdoor lighting can add to the romantic atmosphere.
Make sure your table or picnic blanket is beautifully laid out. A romantic table setting makes for a special meal.

Soft romantic music really adds to the atmosphere. If you are really romantic read some poetry. Here are some ideas but there are plenty more on the internet or in bookshops and libraries.

Check out some of these ways to spice up your picnic with tons of good romantic ideas to turn your romantic picnic into a special memory.

Wherever you go, whatever you eat the most important part of any picnic is the two people who are together.

So enjoy each others company!

Your Most Romantic Picnic

Do you have an idylic picnic you can't stop thinking about?
Where did you go? What did you do?

Maybe the view was stunning, the food delectable, the company wonderful.

Maybe you have a funny story to tell.

Write to us about it. Send us some photos. Get your own web page to show your friends.

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