A Romantic Table Setting
for a Picnic

Romantic Evening

A romantic table setting makes all the difference to a picnic just for two.
Take the trouble to make your table look inviting in keeping with the  atmosphere. You don't even need a table.  A blanket will do just as well. Lay out your picnic in an attractive way. Your partner will appreciate the trouble you have taken to make your setting look special.

Take some big cushions to sit on. If you are a bit older chairs are more comfortable but don't forget to take a folding table the right height to go with them.
If you are setting up your romantic picnic in a picnic area there will probably be a table there so it will be easier to set out your food with beautiful lighting and table decorations.

The Tablecloth

A romantic table setting needs a beautiful tablecloth.

  • On a formal picnic nothing beats the look of a real linen or cotton tablecloth for romance.
  • A lace tablecloth is another option.
  •  Plastic or vinyl tablecloths are fine for a casual picnic. They are easy to clean and can look really great in a plain or muted pattern.
  • Find table napkins to match or tone with your colour scheme.

Picnic Table Decorations

Decide on a theme for your table setting.

  • Use a colour scheme to compliment your food with plates, tablecloth and napkins to match. Pink is often used for a romantic picnic, but blue would suit a beach picnic or a soft green for the country.
  • Tie up cutlery in coloured paper napkins or use white napkins tied with a coloured ribbon to match the colour of your picnic.
  • White plates are useful as they can be matched with any food or accessories. Prevent breakages by using melamine plates, cups and glasses. They are lighter and more durable than china.
  • Decorate your table with flowers, potpouri, heart shaped chocolates, small shells, or sparkling confetti. Remember a small breeze can blow everything off your table so choose low standing table decorations.

Some petals or potpourri scattered among the dishes are pretty.

Heart shaped chocolates also make good picnic table decorations. You can eat them too.

Always a bonus.

Glasses for Romantic Drinks

  • Long stemmed wine glasses set the tone whether you are drinking wine fruit punch or orange juice. Choose picnic drinks here.
  • Plastic is safer than glass on a picnic. Plastic wine glasses are available in many designs and colours as well as the traditional clear. 
  • Check out the ones with stems the light up available in some dollar shops. What a conversation piece!

Romantic Lighting

An evening picnic would not be complete without lights.

Candles or lanterns are the traditional way to light a picnic but wind is always a problem when considering lighting. Nowadays there are plenty of safer options. Solar lights come in all shapes, sizes and styles. They are completely portable which makes them perfect for lovely outdoor lighting at romantic picnics.Use solar lanterns or strings of solar powered fairy lights for a magical setting.

Find ideas for lighting your picnic here.

Decorate your romantic table setting in your own unique style. Use items you have around the house or ones you particularly like to create a lovley table setting.

Here are a couple of ideas.

A Beachside Picnic

Beach Table Setting

Blue and white make a good colour scheme for a beach picnic.

A blue and white tablecloth with white plates and blue napkins looks clean and fresh and beachy.

Shell Table Centre

If you are near the sea use shells or pebbles to decorate your table.

Fill a bowl with pretty shells to form a table centre.

Pebbles make good weights for holding tablecloths in the breeze.

A Country Picnic

Vase of Flowers

If you are in the country use wild flowers on your table.

If you taking a vase for the table use a low one that will not tip or blow over. Put a few stones in the bottom to hold it steady.

Flowers in Hanging Jars

Decorate the picnic area with leafy branches or flowers in jars.

Use a bunch of flowers to decorate the picnic basket and add them to the table when you arrive.

Valentine's Day is coming soon. Buy some thing special to give your loved one on a romantic picnic.

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