Sandwich Bread
for Good Sandwiches

Loaves of Bread

Spend as much time choosing your sandwich bread as you spend choosing your filling. Bread is an important part of any sandwich so make sure it is really fresh.

It should compliment the filling as well as satisfy hungry people at the picnic.

Try some different breads. Crisp, crunchy bread or tasty wraps make an ordinary sandwich into something special.
Have a look in your local bakers. There are lots of bread shops around and many supermarkets now bake their own bread. Try crusty white, wholemeal or full grain loaves .
The smell of newly baked bread will get your taste buds and your imagination working.

  • If there will be a lot of starving youngsters at your picnic choose rolls. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, some soft, some crunchy but all satisfying. Bagels or baps might be the answer.
  • If you are using salami, dried tomatoes and olives in your sandwiches try an Italian style breads like baguettes or focaccia.
  • For people are watching their weight or just prefer a lighter sandwich choose pita bread or lavash to make wraps.

Breads for Sandwiches

Choose some of thse breads to make a wide range of sandwiches.

Sandwich Loaf

Whether you decide on white, wholemeal or full grain bread. Choose a square loaf with a thin slice for neat, easy to eat sandwiches.

This is a bread most often used for sandwiches. Make sure the bread really good quality. The bread is the accompaniment to the filling not the main meal.


Ring shaped rolls with a dense, chewy centre. They are sometimes baked with sesame or poppy seeds on top. Make them into sandwich rolls to feed hungry people.



These soft, flat rolls make lovely sandwiches. Slice each one horizontally and fill with fillings of your choice. Try a BLT . It takes its name from the ingredients, bacon, lettuce and tomato.


Thin elongated loaves with a lovely crunchy crust. After you have filled one with ingredients of your choice cut it in half to make your sandwich easy to eat.

Baguette Loaf


A flat oven-baked Italian bread topped with herbs or olives which add flavour to a sandwich.

Choose small focaccia breads. Cut each one in half horizontally. Layer the bottom of the breads with the fillings of your choice and replace the top of the bread.


Thin and flexible when fresh, lavash is easy to use for sandwich wraps. Lay a piece flat, spread your filling on top, tuck the end over and roll up to form a wrap.


Pita Bread

Pita Bread

A round pocket bread . You can use these breads in two ways. Either stuff the pocket in the bread with your filling or slice the bread in half so that it is thin enough to use as a wrap.

Pita bread makes easy to eat wraps for kids sandwiches. Fillings are only limited by your imagination.

Keep you eye out for different types of breads and rolls. Give them a try when you are making sandwiches next time.

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