Sun Hats For Children

Pick the best sun hats for children to protect their young skins from ultraviolet rays.

Children quickly burn in the sun often without parents realising it and sunburn is really painful. Sun stroke and heat stress can ruin a lovely day.

More importantly sun damage at a young age can lead to serious skin cancers later.

Babies and children have very sensitive skin that is particularly liable to sun damage but their skin can also be sensitive to sun protection creams.

Pulling on a hat is a quick and easy way to save a lot of hassles for you and your kids.

 Choosing Sun Hats for Children.


  • Choose sun hats for children, babies and toddlers with wide brims and good protection for their necks. Look for a hat in 50+ UPF fabric.

The Fabric

  • When children love their hats they will keep them on their heads without fuss so choose them something light and easy to wear.
  • Kids can very be tough on hats so make sure the sun hats you buy are tough as well. They should have strong stitching and be made of washable sun proof fabric with a 50+ UPF rating. 
  • Look for waterproof fabrics that will stand up to a dunking in the pool or the sea. They will be simple to throw into the washing machine when they need a wash.

A sun hat for any boy to wear on an outdoor adventure. The camoflage material gives it a really masculine look.

A cute hat for a little boy. he wide brim will shade his eyes while the chin strap will hold it firmly on his head.

The Style

  • Many sun hats for children come in a range of sizes so measure your child's head carefully before ordering and choose a generous size as kids grow very quickly. It is useful to have a drawstring in the crown so that the hat can expand with your rapidly growing child.
  • Kids love bright colours. A hat in a bright fabric will always be popular with the added advantage of making your kids stand out. You will always be able to spot them on a crowded beach.
  • It is no good having a really good sun protective hat in the car or thrown off under a tree. It must be on the kids head so aim for a stylish or brightly coloured hat that they will love.
  • Some companies make hats and swimwear to match forming lovely beach outfits. These will be especially popular with girls.
  • Peer pressure will play a big part in getting a kid to where a hat as they grow older. What about a hat just like Dad's or a best friend's.

A very pretty hat any little girl will love. Easy to wear and easy to wash makes this a practical hat that Mum will love too.

Another for a young toddler. Make sure the hat fits firmly on a babies head. Babies are inclined to pull hats off and throw them overboard. A chin strap is an added bonus.

The hats on this page are from Just click on the image to find out more about them or have a look in The Picnic Shop to find a wider range.

If children are introduced to hats as babies it will become second nature to slap on a hat before going out into the sun. Get them into the habit by choosing attractive hats that they will love.

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