Sun Hats for Men
to Wear at a Picnic

Want to find the best sun hats for men to wear at a picnic?

There is a wide range of hats available for men to suit any outdoor activity whether you are fishing, boating, on the beach or playing picnic games.

Protect Yourself with a Hat

Men often wear sports caps in the sun and these are great for shading your eyes but leave your neck and ears with no sun protection at all.

When you are young it is easy to forget how quickly skin cancers can develop and exposure to the sun is the main cause. So many men get skin cancers on their ears, a spot that is often forgotten. Wide brims and hats with neck flaps really do the best job when you are out in the heat.

Some hats have mesh ventilation panels in the crown to allow air to flow around your head. If you have thinning hair or shave your head it is all the more important to wear a hat but do be sure that the ventilation panels will not let the suns rays though to burn your sensitive skin.

Just another thing to consider when looking at sun hats to buy.

Choose the Best Fabric

Sun hats for men should be made from a light UFP 50+ rated washable fabric. It is useful to be able to wet your hat in the real heat. A damp hat will keep your head extra cool.

Crushable material is convenient. Stash a crushable hat in your backpack or your pocket and it will be ready to slap on your head at a moments notice.

Choose the Right Style for You

There are sun hats available to suit all personalities.

Each of the hats below are available from Just click on the image to find out more about them.

Here is a neat bucket hat will give you a casual but stylish look. They will protect your head in rain or shine and are perfect to wear at a picnic.

If you are going to be walking or fishing at your picnic you will be  exposed to the full rays of the sun for sometime. You may need extra protection. A hat that completely covers your head and neck may  be right for you.

Look for a hat like this one with a peak over your eyes and a flap to keep protect your neck and ears.

Avoid leather hats on a picnic. They look great but are very heavy and hot in the sun. You can get cotton hats with a leather look that are lighter, crushable and water repellant.

A good substitute for the real thing.

My Favourite Picnic Hat

Here is my favourite men's sun hat.

Maybe because it reminds me of my son.
It just has that outdoorsy masuline look about it. It is called a fishing hat but you can wear it anywhere  out of doors.

Great for fishing, camping, hiking it is ideal to wear at a picnic and combines all the best features of a sun hat.  It has ventilation holes to keep you cool  and an adjustable chin strap to keep it on your head. With it's high crown and wide floppy brim it will keep the sun at bay wherever you are.
Roll it up to stuff in your bag or pocket, wear it to keep the sun out of your eyes in the evening or wear it damp in the heat of the day. You can treat this hat as roughly as you like and it will still keep its good looks.

All the hats on this page are available from Just click on the image to find out more about them or visit The Picnic Shop to discover more. 

Whenever you are on a picnic please don't forget to wear a sun hat. It will keep you cool helping to prevent sunstroke, reduce glare and most important of all help prevent skin cancer.

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