Sun Hats for Women
to Wear on a Picnic

Choosing a beach hat to wear to a picnic?

There are floppy brimmed sun hats for women to wear relaxing in the sun or more practical hats to wear when you are busy enjoying activities outdoors at a picnic.

When deciding which hat is best for you think about what you will be doing at the picnic.

If you will just be sitting or sun baking a hat with a wide brim will be ideal but if you are going to be joining in picnic games or enjoying other activities on the beach you might look for a hat with a smaller brim that will still give you sun protection but will sit more firmly on your head.

Don't forget to cover any exposed parts of your neck with sunscreen.

Floppy Hats

 Large floppy hats can look fantastic. Throw on some big sunglasses. Lay back on a beach lounge. Sip you picnic drink. You will feel like a film star.


Floppy hats have advantages and disadvantages.


  • They make you feel really glamorous.
  • They will protect your face and shoulders from the harsh sun.
  • The brim can be adjusted at different angles to give you very different looks.
  • They are very adaptable. Wear one to the beach, a wedding or a party and you will wow the crowd. Wear it plain or dress it up with flowers or a wide ribbon and you have a new hat to wear anywhere.


  • The wind can catch a wide brim very easily and send your hat flying.
  •  You will need to use a chin strap on a breezy day. If one is not provided they are easy to sew on using two pieces of ribbon or cord. Another idea is to tie a wide ribbon, scarf or sarong around your hat in a big bow under your chin.
  • It is hard to see where you are going or to admire the view.

Here are some beautiful floppy sun hats for women to inspire you.

A glamorous hat available in 3 colour ways with a UPF rating of 30+. It is washable, packable and easily adapted for many occasions. The only downside-it has no chin strap.

A fabulous hat for that "Gone With The Wind" feeling. It has 50+ UPF rating it with protect your shoulders as well as the back of your head.

A different style with a wide brim. It won't shade the back of your head completely but is just so easy to wear and rolls neatly for traveling.

Hats for Sun Protection

If you are going to be active at the picnic choose for a more practical hat. Here are some sun hats for women with smaller brims and some with more coverage. Even hats which cover the back of your neck can look really stylish.

Here is a really practical reversible bucket hat to wear in the sun or the water. Lots of colours and patterns available. Even comes with it's own carry bag.

Or have a look at this classic sun hat for women. Wear the brim turned up or down to suit. With 50+ UPF rating, a chin strap and lots of different colours it is just a great hat.

Here is a hat for serious sun protection. Your head, face and neck will be completely covered. If you are going to be exposed to the hot sun for long periods this is the hat for you. It is fully adjustable, lightweight and easy to pack.

Each of these hats is available from Just click on the image to find out more about them or visit The Picnic Shop to discover a wider range.

Without a hat your head can get too hot in the sun. You can get sunburn or heat stroke which will ruin your days outing.

Avoid skin cancer and always wear a hat in the sun.

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