Sunglasses For Men
to Wear at a Picnic

If you are choosing sunglasses for men one of the first thing to think about is the style are you looking for. Will it be casual or something more dressy. On a picnic a casual style of sunglasses are probably most suitable especially if you are going to combine your picnic with a day fishing, boating or at the beach.
You will need glasses that are sturdy and scratch resistant if you are going to be worry free.

Although the style of frames and the general look is a great way to choose sunglasses for men the quality of the lenses is really important. After all the main purpose of sunglasses is to reduce glare and protect your eyes from ultraviolet light.

Find out more about choosing the best sunglasses here.

Lenses for Sunglasses for Men

When  you are at a picnic out of doors hopefully the sun will be shining and the day will be really bright. Even a dull day can be deceptive and sun damage can effect your eyes.  A pair of good sunglasses with quality lenses will reduce the glare.   Polarised lenses  may be a bit more expensive but are definately the way to go. They will cut the glare from any bright surface.  Especially good for fishing they will let you see right down into the water to spot any potential fish!

Colour is another consideration.

Dark grey is a popular tint. It reduces ultraviolet light but does'nt distort natural colours. This colour is the best for bright sunny days.

Amber or brown tints are also popular giving a warmer tint to duller days or lower light. They improve contrast and reduce glare.

Other tints are available for specific situations but these tints are the most generally useful for everyday wear and a casual picnic.

This pair comes in a choice of popular lens tints and frame colours in black or bronze.

Frames for Sunglasses for Men

Make sure your sunglasses fit properly. Nothing is worse than being distracted by ill fitting glasses when you are enjoying yourself out of doors.
The glasses legs can be easily adjusted to fit but the bridge over the nose must be right. Too small and your face will look pinched, too wide and the glasses will slip on your face which can be really annoying. If you are playing picnic games or casting into water you want to have all you wits about you.

One of the best frames for casual wear is the ever popular Wayfarer. This is a classic shape that is sturdy and can be worn anywhere. Wayfarers are available in frame widths, lenses and styles to suit any face shape.

Another popular frame shape are Aviators. Round or oval with a wire frame they always look really good smart.

For real convenience this pair folds so thay can easily be carried anywhere. They even come with their own carry case.  Just be careful not to sit on them!

If you are going to be out in the bright sun wrap-around frames are another style to consider.  These frames protect your eyes from bright light from entering the side. They are a very popular choice for outdoor activities and are some of the best sunglasses for men.

These glasses come in a wide range of frame and lens colour combinations to suit just about anyone.

All the sunglasses on this page are available from Just click the image to find out more about them or visit The Picnic Shop to see a wider range.

Enjoy your picnic in comfort by wearing the best sunglasses for men. You will avoid eye damage and be able to see all the action clearly without having to fight the glare.

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