Sunglasses for Women
to Wear at a Picnic

 An important part of wearing sunglasses for women is to be trendy and fashionable so that you will look and feel your best. But there is another important reason to buy good sunglasses.

Nobody wants to end up with extra wrinkles in their old age let alone macula degenation and cataracts.

I won't say wearing sunglasses will prevent these horrors but it will help put off the evil day.

There are two main features to think of when choosing sunglasses. The type of  frame and the lenses are both important considerations.

To find out more about choosing the best sunglasses here.

Lenses on Sunglasses for Women

Choose good quality  polarised lenses that will protect your eyes from ultraviolet light and glare.

Look for a tint that suits you best and compliments your skin tone.

  •  Green is a popular tint that lets you see in great contrast but it can give a sallow caste to your complexion.
  • Ambers and browns are warmer colours while greys are also popular.
  • A very dark tint can effect your vision but a very light tint may not provide sufficient protection from the suns UV rays.
  • Graded tints are popular and fashionable. The darker upper section will shade your eyes but the lighter lower part will allow you to see clearly.

 Frames on Sunglasses for Women

There is such a wide range of frame styles and colours available that it is hard to choose the best for you.

If you are going to give your glasses a hard time you can buy flexible and unbreakable frames.

Start by working out the shape of your face.

  • There are four basic face shapes, round, square, oval or triangular.
  • Different frames suit each face shape better than others but don't strictly follow the rules. They are just guidelines to give you an idea of where to start. Let your own personality make the final choice for you.
  • A good general rule is to choose frames that are the width of your check bones. Not so wide that they over power your face or so narrow that they loose their impact.

Check the fit.

  • Make sure the frames are secure and comfortable to wear. You don't want your glasses to fall off everytime you move. On the other hand you don't want them to feel tight behind your ears. Adjustable nose pieces will help you get a proper fit.
  • Even if you like large frames don't choose frames that will touch your cheeks every time you smile. Glasses will steam up, be hard to see through and become uncomfortable over time. 

Now for the colour

  • Think about the jewelry you usually wear and choose frames in the same tone.
  •  Dark frames can be very dramatic but if they are too dark they will overpower your face. On the other hand if the are too pale they can look insipid.
  • If you decide on a strong colour remember it will have to compliment other items in your wardrobe.

Here are just some of the huge range of sunglasses available. All the sunglasses on this page are available from Just click on the images to find out about them or visit The Picnic Shop to find more.

Enjoy your picnic in a pair of beautiful sunglasses that really suit you and your lifestyle.

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