Plan a Teddy Bears Picnic
that Everyone Can Enjoy

Teddys Picnic

Everyone loves a teddy bears picnic.

Teddies all love to be taken on a picnic. They love to meet other teddies and swop notes on their owners.

Children love to meet their friends, compare teddies, play teddy bear games and eat some gorgeous teddy bear food. Parents love picnics that are easy to prepare. The whole family can help and they are great fun.

Take your teddies to the park, the country, your garden or even inside your home.

So long as the picnic is set up with teddies in mind and the atmosphere is right everyone can have a good time.

Traditionally teddies have their picnic for afternoon tea.
They like to go to bed early so it is best to avoid the evenings when everyone is too tired to enjoy themselves.

A Teddy Bears Picnic in the Holidays

A great way to keep the kids amused. Just pick up their favourite bear. Take honey sandwiches and some bear shaped biscuits with lemonade to drink and head for the park.

If the weather is poor you can hold the picnic indoors.Try giving your room an outdoor atmosphere. Use crepe paper, cardboard and paint to make a big sun, grass and flowers. Little plastic ants or beetles on the tablecloth give a picnic feel.

An easy way to get a picnic atmosphere indoors is to make a teddy bear cave from sheets draped over a table or chairs.

Teddy Bears Birthday Party

If you have a childrens birthday coming up ask guests to bring their teddies to a picnic party. Make up a menu to including some teddy bear food.

Include some lemonade as a picnic drink.

Make a teddy birthday cake.

Collect some party supplies from bargain stores and supermarkets or find out how to make some of your own.

Send out some invitations. Make some of your own.

Set up your picnic around a large check table cloth laid out on a picnic rug. Big cushions or bean bags are great to sit on but many guests will happily sit on the ground. Remember a teddy often finds it hard to sit up straight on a chair and their owners are pretty active.
Colourful plastic plates, mugs or cups make the setting bright and cheerful.

Play some fun party games, teddy hide and seek, treasure hunt, pin the nose on the teddy, pass the parcel and more.

Arrange teddy bear party competitions.

Make some teddy masks for guests to wear.

Sing the teddy bears picnic song.

Tell a teddy bear story or read a teddy book.

Have fun with your Teddy Bears at a picnic just for them.

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