Wicker Picnic Baskets
for a Special Picnic

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Wicker picnic baskets have been popular for many years. They look terrific and are very practical, containing all the  picnic items you will need. 

Use a basket for a gourmet meal or a special day out. Concerts under the stars, lunches in vineyards or just a trip to a beautiful area all deserve gorgeous food in a lovely basket. If there are just two of you out for a relaxing time  in the country, on the water or at a special event a beautiful basket will carry all the items you need for a perfect picnic.

Larger groups need more equipment and bigger baskets. If you often picnic with a group of friends or are part of a larger family look for a bigger basket that will hold enough for your group.

Pick Your Perfect Wicker Picnic Basket

Spend some time picking your perfect picnic basket. The best baskets are solidly built with strong handles and solid bases.

  • Check the liner.  If you are packing food in the basket make sure the lining is easy to clean.
  • Does the basket come with an insulated lining or a seperate insulated container for food. If you don’t have room in your basket for everything take a another cooler box just for food and add small items to your basket instead.
  • Would you like your basket to be fully fitted and it so what would you like included. As well as  plates, cutlery and glasses some baskets contain tableclothes, napkins, rugs or a thermos. Would you like an insulated wine bottle cooler attached.
  • How much will your basket weigh. Make sure it it light enough for you to carry comfortably when it is full of food and drink.
  • What shape would you like. Most are square or oblong but round ones are available. Oblong baskets are probably the most practical for all your equipment.  Will it fit easily into your car.
  • Have a look at the lid. Does it open wide enough for easy access.Does it lie flat on top of the basket to act as a small table when it is closed. Some baskets have lids which open to the sides. This make it easy to reach into the basket and some items can be stored in the lid.
  • What about the handles. Are they firmly attached. Do they lie flat to allow you to open the basket easily. Do they balance the basket evenly when you are carrying it.  If you are thinking of carrying the basket in the boot of your car make sure a fixed handle will fit into your available space.

Empty Picnic Baskets

If you already have cutlery and plates suitable for picnics an unfitted wicker basket may be the best choice.  You can line your basket yourself if you like. Find out how easy it is here.  This may be a cheaper option and you can choose your own lining.

Choose your picnic basket carefully and you will be able to enjoy lovely picnics and days out for years to come. Have a look in The Picnic Shop for a wide range of wicker picnic baskets.

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